SKATE bord

/Skate on a plate.

SKATEbord: flying saucer 1 / 8 inch / 7 -layered maple wood / 125 €


FLYING SAUCER 1 Delft/Blue + white

The flying saucer SKATEBoRD has finally landed.

The nose and the tail of the SKATEbord design are similar to a Delft Blue plate (plate = ‘bord’ in Dutch) and the rest of the deck is elongated with a glitch effect. Within this glitch, Delft Blue cows are beamed up by flying saucers. The interplay of two opposite worlds (fragile ceramics & rough skatescene) gives the SKATEbord its surreal, dynamic vibe.

every SKATE-BORD is signed by floWris

Every FLYING SAUCER 2 (transparant on maple wood) SKATE-BORD is signed and numbered by floWris.

SKATEbord: flying saucer 2 / 8 inch / 7-layered maple wood/transparant transfer / 190 € . Signed and numbered by floWris. Limited edition 50 ex.


FLYING SAUCER 2 Delft /Blue + transparent transfer on maple wood


Same FLYING SAUCER design, but now printed on a transparant transfer. You will get an even more exclusive design because the nerves from the maple wood make every SKATEBoRD unique.

SKATEbord: first edition 50/50


Woop Woop, our first SKATEbord edition is sold out. Thanks for skating on a plate and hanging our skatebord on your wall. That gave us the positive energy we needed to make a new version. BIG THANKS!

ABOUT and joined forces. Ellen Wezenbeek noticed floWris’s entry (second place) for the RijksStudio award (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) and she took the Delft Blue cow by the horns to make it happen!

Also big thanks to all the skaters that made the trick and special thanks to Sidney Vandendries for the skate photos.

glitch portrait by


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